Chisholm Trail

Twice now in my life I have had the chance to hunt the Chisholm Cattle Trail where it came to the end of the line in Caldwell, Kansas at the rail head. I didn’t find much of anything the first time, but that goes hand in hand with treasure hunting. The second time was really worth it after following behind several guys with detectors twice the cost of mine. I found one lonely little coin that was counter stamped W.H.K.. Those guys couldn’t believe what I had found that was from the late 1850’s to1860’s. After much research the only person was from Australia and he was a chemist in a drug store. William H. Kernot counter stamped coins & tokens to verify that it was of true acceptable value from about 1857 to mid 1860’s in Chilwell Geelong Victoria, Australia. The only penny coins or tokens with his  counter stamp are in a book or museum in Victoria. I know the coin made a long journey across a very big pond to get here.w.h.k


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