My Oldest Coin


My oldest coin to date now is from the 1700’s. It was a hot summer day when I dug it, and I thought I wasted my time after getting it out of the ground thinking it was a trash item. After it sat around with a few junk items I was going through a few weeks later I dropped it on the counter. It had a high pitched ring theat I had heard before from other old coins. I started cleaning it up a bit and there was a cross on the back or obverse side with the Castile and Leo’n or also known as castles and a lion across from each other. On the front was a shield and three Fleur-de-Lis. Its had a faint Philip on the right hand side next to the rim. The coin was about 28mm (half dollar size) and made from a copper based material. I wrote an article on it “Spanish in Oklahoma” (which was my very first) and sent it off and it was published in Lost Treasure magazine. I have successfully published in a couple of different coin newspapers so far. I have a colleague that we have cussed and discussed about the Conquistadors here prior to the mid 1700’s and know a lot more happened than what history books tell.


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